Workshop Update

28th January, 2022 by Simon Bending in Workshop Blog

Work will start on our new project 4247 once our current project 4110 is complete. 

Another milestone was reached this week with the boiler turned back over, the right way up.  While the crane was here, we took the opportunity to trial fit the boiler in the frames which enabled us to check that the new platework and rivets were not fouling anything and also to check the fit of the smokebox steampipes. There were also some measurements taken for the replacement boiler keys which will be machined in time for when the boiler is fitted for good. 

Once the trial fit was complete, the boiler was lifted back out and positioned back on the wagon where it was then pushed back into the workshop for the rest of the boiler overhaul to be completed. This includes fitting the tube and flues, the new feedwater trays, main steam pipe and remaining stays. Once all this has been done, the boiler will be filled with water, hydraulic tested and then steam tested. 

The new tanks and cab roof were also lifted back onto the frames, although they will need to be removed again in the future to allow the boiler to be fitted. They are now up out of the way and inside, protected from the weather. 

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