The East Somerset Railway is home to a miniature railway which runs alongside part of the main track. There is a small but passionate group of volunteers who maintain and run the railway as a seperate group. It is open on selected dates throughout the season and visitors are able to enjoy this for a charge. All money taken by The Miniature Railway goes direcly towards the cost of its maintenance.


This is a 0-6-0 petrol/hydraulic powered by a 2.5 HP Honda engine.  The builder is unknown.


This is a 0-4-0 MJ Engineering Bagnall which was built by J Knight in 1990.  It was purchased from the Lackam College Railway when that closed.


This is a 0-4-0 Romulus built by L Bromley and was completed in 2016 by Graham Watters.


This is named due to it being based on a much modified ride-on lawn mower.  The power comes from a 11hp Briggs & Stratton and was built by J Williams.


This has been named by many visitors!  It was built by Graham Watters in 2013.  The engine is a 0-4-0 petrol/hydrostatic with a 7hp Kohler engine.


This was built in 2017 by P Horner from a Phoenix Locos kit.  It is powered by two 1hp electric motors.


This was one of the first Miniature Railway coaches and came from Joe Nemeth, along with some of the track.


This is one of four coaches built by Cromar White and was purchased second hand from Alan Keef.  The other three require major overhaul before they can enter service at the Miniature Railway.


This was built by Joe Nemeth and has been re-bodied by P Horner.