Overhaul of Large Prairie 4110

9th July, 2020 by East Somerset Railway in Workshop Blog

4110 as it arrived.
Phil Wilson

Volunteers at East Somerset Railway have an exciting new project for 2020 with the arrival of Ex GWR Large Prairie 4110 2-6-2T which arrived at the Cranmore site today after being transported from the Dartmouth Steam Railway.

The East Somerset Railway will begin three years of restoration work followed by a three year period when the ESR will be able to use the loco to haul their passenger trains.

4110 was built at Swindon Works in 1936 and withdrawn from service in 1965. After languishing at Barry scrapyard until 1979 it was sold to the West Somerset Railway in 2015, remaining at Minehead until February last year when, due to lack of funding for the restoration work, it was sold to the  Dartmouth Steam Railway.

July 9th 2020

This week we have set up the horn grinder to true up all the horn faces. Our machine is set up using Andy Forster’s optical alignment gear ensuring that the finished faces are perfectly upright, flat, parallel and square to the frames. This enables the axle centres to be positioned with great accuracy ensuring the loco will run smoothly.

July 5th 2020

It’s been quite a while since our last update on 4110. Throughout lockdown we managed to have just a few of us working from home including Nigel machining in his home workshop, Mac continuing with his window frames and Steve producing quite a few CAD drawings.

As soon as lockdown restrictions eased enough to enable our workshop staff to safely return we were able to pick up where we had left off a few months previous. We have a number of Covid related processes in place and the work is carefully planned and risk assessed to ensure social distancing is possible.

Just before lockdown Tom did the honours shotblasting the boiler. Last week the boiler was examined by the insurance inspector and a two day NDT survey was carried out checking for plate thickness and for any cracking. As suspected, much of the platework around the foundation ring level is wasted and will be renewed but the good news is that no other defects were found.

Dave and Steve have been making great progress over the past couple of weeks drilling out all the steel side and crown stays.

Jeff has made two new tank balance pipes and the new vacuum reservoir.

Malcolm, Jon and Phil have been progressing the frames cleaning up, needlegunning and priming.

Matt has finished machining the repaired horn ties which have now been refitted to enable the horn grinding to take place next week.

February 24th, 2020

Last week we hired the cranes to lift the boiler and the frames off the wheels. Since then we have removed the axleboxes ready for inspecting. 

February 4th 2020

4110's  first few days - the cab, bunker, tanks and larger items have been removed ready for the work to begin.

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