Cranmore Station Heritage Project - Phase 2

8th February, 2019 by Simon Bending in The Railway

Steven Boyce (left) from the Heritage Lottery Fund attends the opening of the new Discovery Centre in Dec 2018
Elaine Lavender

The first phase of our project to improve Cranmore Station for our visitors has been successfully completed. The first part of rebuilding the down platform front wall is finished, together with the waiting room which will become the “David Shepherd Discovery Centre,” housing many new displays illustrating our railway heritage and opening to the public at the start of the new season. The interest shown by the public in the project confirms how valuable it will be to the future of the ESR. The photo shows Stephen Boyce from the Heritage Lottery Fund at the opening  in December - with many of our staff and volunteers.


We are now working on the second phase of the project in which we plan to complete the down platform and renovate the old station building on the up platform to create a new and much enhanced railway museum. We are applying to the Heritage Lottery Fund again for a grant of £50,000 and we are hopeful of success, given the progress we have made on the first phase which has been acknowledged by the HLF.


In addition to this, the ESR will contribute £23,000 towards the costs of the project. This works out at approximately £20 per inch of new platform. We are asking our members to help by giving donations to raise half this amount, £11,500, which the ESR will then match. Donors will be invited to a special opening ceremony when the work has been completed. 

If you would like to donate to the appeal, please follow this link:

Cranmore Station Heritage Project Appeal

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