Visitor Information Covid-19

Notes for Visitors to the ESR

The following notes are to help our visitors enjoy their day and stay safe whilst the Coronavirus restrictions are in place.


Your Health – If you and all of your group are well you are welcome to visit, but if you have any of the virus symptoms, please stay away until you are fully recovered.

Sanitising and Distancing – on site, you will find hand gel stations and frequent reminders to maintain a safe distance from other groups. Please respect other peoples’ space, especially in designated queues, and in the café and shop. Staff are on hand to sanitise surfaces on the train and at the station regularly throughout the day.

PPE – items of PPE are not provided at the Railway so please ensure you bring your gloves and masks with you. It is a government requirement that masks are worn.

Tickets – seating on the train is reduced so please buy your tickets online in advance to be sure of a ride. Subject to availability, tickets may be bought or vouchers exchanged on the day. Payment by contactless card is preferred.

Vouchers – if you have a gift voucher (from the ESR, Buyagift, Activity Superstore, Intotheblue or Virgin Experience Days) please visit the ESR website in advance to book your ride. A seat cannot be guaranteed unless booked in advance. On arrival, go to the ticket office to be allocated your compartment and collect a boarding pass.

Seating and Rides – family groups will be allocated individual compartments or bays on the train to help you stay distanced. Compartments are allocated at the ticket office for each train and you will be given a boarding pass. With your ticket you may ride more than once, but for each ride you will need to go to the ticket office to be allocated a compartment.

Train Ride – The train will be sanitised between services. Boarding will be allowed 15-20 minutes before departure. Please stay seated during the ride and avoid standing in the corridors. You may visit the toilet if necessary. When you get out, please observe distancing rules especially at Mendip Vale.

Café – there are a limited number of tables in the café but many more outside, some of which are under cover in the visitor shelter. A queueing system is in place.

Shop – a one-way system and a queue for the till is in place. You are welcome to browse if you wish but please avoid touching the items on sale and keep your children with you. Payment by contactless card preferred.

Toilets – to maintain distancing, only one person at a time is allowed in the toilets. Additional toilets are provided on the platform at Cranmore. There is a toilet on the train.

Facilities for Visitors – all our normal facilities are open and we will sanitise handles, hand rails and other surfaces regularly.

Personal Data – please note, we may retain your name and contact information so that we can maintain a record of all visitors to the site.


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