Inch by Inch - art exhibition

21st Jul - 31st Jul 2021
Inch by Inch travelling exhibitionAnna Kot

Inch by INCH is a travelling exhibition, spiralling round the South West and evolving on its journey, as it adapts to different venues. From shop windows to woodland glades, steam railways to parks, the aim is to engage visitors by bringing art out of the gallery and into public spaces. 

11 South West artists have packed their artwork in a case from which the piece emerges for display. The cases are an integral part of the exhibition. Each contributes to the work, and each has its own character. Some are large with the work spilling beyond its frame; others are smaller, more self-contained. Some request the viewer to stand back and wonder, while others invite them to peer closer and become more intimate. Ranging in size, scope and materiality, the artworks reflect the diversity of the artists’ practices – including, painting, sound, assemblage, sculpture and light.

The tour started during Fringe Arts Bath in the garages behind Bath Artists’ Studios. As well as visitors coming specifically to see the exhibition, this location, on a cut-through to the river, is the perfect place for passers-by to spot the exhibition and find out more. A range of visitors have dropped by, including students, holidaymakers, cyclists, walkers and families. Some joined in with the workshops. Shirley Sharp and Fiona Campbell set up shadow drawing and drawing from cases,  which continue throughout the tour. Comments include: ‘thought-provoking exhibition: there is a sense of tension in many pieces, even darkness. But also optimism. A sign of our times?’.


During Frome Festival 3-11 July, some pieces will be in shop windows and others in Frome Museum. This creates a dual aspect to the exhibition in Frome. The work in shop windows will be on show day and night, while the pieces in the museum are in parts of the building rarely open to visitors: in the spiral staircase and the basement, with access on the junction of Bridge Street and North Parade.

Starting or finishing at the museum, visitors are encouraged to follow the trail through the town spotting the cases in shop windows. There will be opportunities to take part in wire workshops led by Fiona in the museum, drawing sessions, which will be set up to attend safely, and a performative window drawing at Jude’s of Frome on Friday 9 July 8.15-9.15pm.

From 21-31 July, the work travels to East Somerset Railway, a heritage steam railway station - part of the Strawberry line, where work will be shown in their newly restored Waiting Room, and Discovery Centre. Special events will include sculpture workshops and Artists-in-Conversation (24 and 25 July).  In August they pop up at Backwell Playhouse (Shadow Drawing Workshop, 7 August, 12-4pm), then Bristol Library and College Green (28 August, 11am-3pm) for a Brief Encounter.

 The exhibition is free to visit. Book a day rover to travel on the train.

Click on website link below to see details of Fiona Campbell's sculpture worksop on July 24th

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