Family Day - Superheroes!

From: 29th May 2019

If kids come dressed up as their favourite superhero they get a FREE ice-cream!

(If you are unable to dress up, then we accept a super impression of a superhero!)

Kids (and adults too if you want to!), it is time to put on your cape, mask and spandex to celebrate the characters that inspire us to be better than we can ever imagine!  Plus have a chance to use those awesome superpowers.

We have a telephone box for Superman to transform in!  Iron Man can fly alongside the steam engine!  Spiderman can create a web to stop the train running off the end of the line at Mendip Vale!  And Captain America can lift the engine to run around the carriages without changing the points!

superheroes themed bouncy castle !!!!

Standard ticket prices apply and please collect your ice cream voucher when you buy your tickets at the Ticket Office to redeem against an ice cream in the Station Shop.

To add to your fun, you will be able to ride the steam train as many times as you like, look around our Engine Shed and Workshop, visit our shop, before putting your feet up for a bite in the Whistlestop Cafe. Phew!

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