Driver for a Tenner

From: 18th Mar 2023
Alan Frener

Ever thought what it would be like to take the controls of a locomotive? Well you can! With our Driver for a Tenner.

For just £10, one of our drivers will welcome you onto the footplate of our locomotive at the sidings by our Engine Shed. They will show you the wonderful dials and controls and what it takes to drive one of these beautiful feats of engineering. Then blow the whistle and away you go, absorbing the thrill of driving a real locomotive!

Driver for a Tenner is run on a first come first served basis, with limited slots each day.

To take part in Driver for a Tenner please make your way to the sidings by the Engine Shed and our crew will be waiting to show you the amazing joy of driving a locomotive.

Our general advice is that children under 5 years old are likely to be a bit frightened, so we do not recommend Driver for a Tenner for them. Children between 5 and 16 years old are welcome to have a go providing they are accompanied by a responsible adult and it is always at the Driver’s discretion. Please speak with the Driver beforehand if you have any questions.


Dates for Driver for a Tenner

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