Revision History

Date Description
28 July Reworked image library to split into seperate directorys and make it easier for Google Images etc. to scan
17 May New website goes live
1 March

Added following pages -

17 February

Added following pages -

16 February Added new Photo Gallery pages
15 February

Added following page -

10 February

Fixed Breadcrumb trail to use correct labels and URL's

Add News listings functionality

Added following pages -

9 February 2008

Recoded menu to use structured menu items, rather than plain list.

Simplified elements in page design

8 February 2008 Recoded Image display functionality to make it more flexible, allowing any standard position for any picture. Updated. Index page to use this functionality.
7 February 2008

Implemented initial code for breadcrumb trail.

Implemented random banner picture.

Following pages updated -

6 February 2008

Added support for page style "Single column with right sidebar"

Following pages updated -

4 February 2008

New page admin tools created. Following pages updated -

21 January 2008 Third attempt at a new style release for comment
12 January 2008 Second attempt at a new style released for comment
31 December 2007 2008 Timetable and events calendar added
26 December 2007 Work starts on Website refresh - first attempt at new style released for comment