Privacy Statement

This website operates a "No nonsense" privacy policy.

  • Any information submitted by yourself via this website will only ever be used for the purposes it was submitted for and will never be given out.
  • Whilst we track what pages you access on this website, the information gathered is only ever used for internal statistics reports and is never given out to third-parties.
  • We will only send you emails if you request emails and we will only ever send you the information you requested.
  • If information about you is going to be saved, we will always ask your permission to keep the information, tell you why it is being kept and for how long.
  • If you ask for information about you to be removed, it will be removed as quickly as is practical.
  • If you register with us, we may ask to store your registration as a "cookie" on your computer, so that we know who you are when you return. This "cookie" will only ever be used by the ESR website
  • We never spam, pop-up, data mine, modify your settings or give out your information.

If you have any questions about this policy, or believe we have not followed the policy, please contact the Webmaster using the link at the bottom of the page.