Mendip Vale

Credit: Nikki Pugs Smith,

Mendip Vale Platform

Mendip Vale Platform is the end of the line for the East Somerset Railway and consists of a single platform. At this point all trains stop and there is an approximately 15 minute wait whilst the engine runs round the carriages before the return trip. Whilst this happens you are welcome to get out onto the platform, watch the beautiful engine and chat to the crew.

The extension of the line to Mendip Vale was opened in June 1985 but the platform was not opened until 1993. Currently there is no possibility to extend the line further.

During 2005 and 2006 a footpath was built between Mendip Vale and Maesdown Road Bridge, giving public access to the platform and we do our best to keep this footpath clear. We welcome help keeping this clear, so if any groups or individuals would like to assist please get in contact with the ESR Office.