Santa Specials

Santa Specials

Santa invites you to visit him in his amazing grotto on the Santa Special train!

Santa is busy preparing to meet you all and chat with the children to see if they have been good this year (we know you have kids!) and gift them all a lovely present. The round trip takes approximately one and a half hours, during which time all the family can experience the unique sights, sounds and smells that come with riding a wonderful steam train.

Santas programme of events

Once the Santa Specials train departs, each child in turn will be invited to visit Santa in his grotto (which is in a very special, decorated carriage of the train. Prepare to be enchanted!). While this is happening, Santas helpers will bring around festive offerings for everyone to eat and drink and during your journey an entertainer will pass through the train to add to your fun and enjoyment. There will also be a quiz and colouring for the children to do.

Only when Santa has seen every child will the train return to Cranmore Station.

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Credit: Julia Nest,

Santa Specials will run on:

2nd December 2017
3rd December 2017
9th December 2017
10th December 2017
16th December 2017
17th December 2017
22nd December 2017
23rd December 2017
24th December 2017

Children under one Special Price on all dates

Please note any changes to bookings carry a 4.00 booking fee

How To Book
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Booking Conditions :
No dogs except assist dogs are allowed on the Santa trains.
We apologise but NO gift vouchers are valid during this period.
No refunds will be given to passengers who are unable to get to the railway on the day of travel for whatever reason (including severe weather)
Under no circumstances will the train be delayed for latecomers, even if the rest of the party is already on the train.
For customers who have dietary requirements, we recommend you speak to the office regarding the Santa train being able to accommodate your needs or we are happy for you to bring your own food.
Accommodation for wheelchair passengers is limited and only available in the support coach. Please phone and check we have enough space before booking. Please state your requirements clearly when booking.
Cancellations & alterations must be made at least 14 days prior to travel date and are subject to a minimum administration fee of 4.00.
Whilst every effort will be made to maintain the timetable the ESR does not guarantee that the trains will depart at the times stated and reserves the right to cancel, alter or suspend any train without notice or to substitute any locomotive. No liability for loss or inconvenience can be accepted.